“Create the Ultimate Version of You....Now!”


You work hard at the gym, you eat well, but nothing seems to work when if comes to changing the shape of your body? You’re wondering how the fitness pros and sports models achieve their lean physiques and maintain them all them ‘round?

Learn how to eat and train like the pro Bikini and Sports Models with the Bikini Body Program.

“I have spent about 10 years of my life trying and testing every training method out there, from Interval Training to Tabata to Strength Training to Crossfit, and pretty much every Group Fitness program under the sun. I’ve tried eating low-carb, low-fat, no-sugar, high protein. I’ve tried carb-cycling and i’ve tried working with different splits of macronutrients. I’ve used what I’ve learned to sculpt my own physique for some of the biggest competitions in Australia, and I’ve used it to help other many women achieve their ideal bodies. I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to reshaping the female physique.

I have put this program together for every woman who doesn’t want to spend the next 10 years of her life sifting through all the garbage to find the food and exercise principles that actually work”

-Kirsty Lee Pepper,
Miss Fitness Southern Hemisphere 2014 (World Fitness Federation)

8 Weekly Nutrition Plans that specify every gram of every food you eat for a bikini model diet.

A full training program for the 8 weeks, for those with access to a gym.

A second full training program for those without gym access

Additional cardio workout plans.

Supplement guide that details recommendations for Supplements and how/why they work.

Access to easy-to-follow demonstration videos for all exercises.
Access to our pre-approved delicious recipe database.

DAY 1 – Receive your program. Spend the afternoon through all the content and watch the videos for any exercises you’re unsure of.

DAY 2 – Double check your nutritional program for week 1, view the yummy recipes and go grocery shopping for nutritious foods and ingredients. You might like to spend this evening making a motivational mood-board for inspiration.

DAY 3 – Food prep for the week ahead. Make your meals ahead of time and pack ready-to-go for the week.

DAY 4 – Begin the program with your first strength conditioning session. Record everything you’ve done to ensure progress next week. You might also like to keep a journal of how you’re

The Bikini Body Nutrition Plan is an 8 week program that changes every week. The eating plan includes at least 5 meals per day. Don’t expect to be hungry….most of the feedback we receive is that people feel like they’re eating too much food! The key is eating too much of the right foods.

What sort of foods will I be eating?
smoothies, pancakes, meatballs, burgers, beef goulash, fresh fruit, peri peri chicken and so on. All home-made so you know exactly what is going into them and how much you’re being served. Knowing exactly what is going into your mouth is key to changing the shape of your body.

What should I expect?

Expect to eat 5 meals per day
Expect to be eating all macros! High protein, good fats, starchy and fibrous carbs.
Expect to have make use of pre, during and post-workout nutrition.
Expect supplements such as Whey Protein Isolate and BCAA’s.
Expect plenty of yummy foods!
Expect to be drinking plenty of water but unfortunately, no alcohol.
Expect to look and feel better than ever!

Eating to change the shape of your body should not be boring! The Bikini Bodiy program includes plenty of delicious meals so you look forward to eating while providing your body with wholesome nutrition and keeping you energy levels, protein, carbs sand good fats up!

Body fat loss
Increased muscle
Increased strength
Increased cardio fitness
Increased energy
Better skin
Improved focus and mindset
Improved sleep
Positive lifestyle change

Yes! The training guides in this program require you to work at a level that challenges YOU, so whether that be at a light-pace with low weights, or at a high energy level, you will be able to complete it. The program is offered completely online so it can be done by anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

See above. You can’t be “too unfit” because you will be working at your own level. One of the most astounding things we hear is that “people want to get fitter” before attempting the program, when that is precisely what the program is for! Our members section contains full videos of every exercise so even if you have never trained before, you’ll be shown exactly what to do and how to do it.

Okay, I won’t lie, if you barely have any time to train or make meals, this program isn’t for you. You can’t expect to commit minimal time to something and see results, and you also need to ask yourself the question “how important is it to me if I can’t commit any time to it?” You will need to be training 4-5 times per week for at least 45minutes each week, plus time for grocery shopping and to make your meals. Think of this as an 8 week commitment to yourself, to look better and feel better!

Because I have done it and I have put multiple people through it. No one who has followed the training and nutrition programs have ever not seen results!