Stubborn to Obedient

German Shepherd Owner's guide

An end to your
German Shepherd's

aggressive behavior

In this 110+ page German Shepherd Owner’s Guide I reveal the secrets of training the most Stubborn, Aggressive, or Dumb Dog To Obey You. (No Shouting, No Yelling! You Don’t Even Have To Raise Your Voice.)

“My dog never listens to me” “Why does he bark so much?” “I’m so tired of his behavior when guest arrive” “My dog’s housebreaking problems are driving me crazy” These are the most common questions I receive everyday in emails from German Shepherd owners like you.

Are you tired cleaning up the constant mess the dog makes despite your
hardest effort to train him or her?

Whatever your reasons are, I developed this information guide with YOU in mind, so that it becomes easier for you to start learning how to take care of your dog and train him to behave like a perfect dog you always dreamed of. I’ll show you that it isn’t difficult to understand how your German Shepherd’s mind works and which techniques to use to get incredibly satisfying results.

See, most GSD owners never learn to think from their pet’s perspective and that’s where the problem lies.

Well in just 7 days from now, I can guarantee you that you won't have put up with any of that anymore.

10 to 15 mins per day is all you need to have a pet that’s well trained and obedient.

From: George Mathew
Date: 1/1/2015

Dear Fellow German Shepherd Lover,

Living with a German Shepherd is such a wonderful experience. It makes you feel blessed to have a dog that is not only a true friend but also your life companion. However, living with a German Shepherd also brings new challenges every single day to the table.

Just like every first-time German Shepherd Owner…

Are you tired of dealing with all the embarrassment, difficulties and stress that comes with a German Shepherd that is not ready to listen?

I know what it is like waking up every day to a pet who is on a mission of destructing your furniture, clothes, shoes and other expensive things?

Don’t you hate yelling at him/her all the time?

Let’s be honest! You’re here because…

  • Your dog doesn’t listen to you, and ignore you when called.
  • You’re embarrassed by your dog’s misbehavior in public.
  • You’re so tired and frustrated with his/her excessive barking, whining and housebreaking issues.
  • Your dog’s aggressive and dominant behavior is ruining your relationship with him.
  • You’re in desperate need to fix your dog’s bad habits.
  • …Or maybe all you want is a happy and well-adjusted dog.

Well, to be honest you don’t have to live with these frustrating and embarrassing problems anymore, because in just a week or less from now, I can assure you that you won’t be living with this nightmare.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to suggest spending hours on training your German Shepherd or investing bucket loads on dog trainers. All it takes to raise a healthier, happier and obedient German Shepherd is 15-20 minutes a day. That’s it! Trust me when I say this, because that’s all it takes to have a dog that is happy to listen and obey all your commands and house-rules.

That means you will have a dog that doesn’t nib at others, chew furniture and tear things apart for starters.

I’m going to share with you the most important information that every German Shepherd owner must know for responsible pet ownership and to be able to build a wonderful relationship with their dogs.

I want to share my years of personal experiences with you that helped me to learn and understand that how can we avoid unintentionally teaching our dogs to develop bad behavior problems. I share those effective and proven techniques that helped me correct my German Shepherd’s bad behavior. I’ll be discussing all my secrets, effective methods and training tactics that helps your dog to develop self discipline.

On top of all the important information, I am also going to share with you the essential tips and ingredients that’d help your dog live a long and healthy life.

Training German Shepherd Is Not That Difficult As It
Sounds, In Fact It Is Very Easy...

If You Know The Right
Training Methods & Tactics!

Just a couple of years ago I was also one of those frustrated German Shepherd owners. I too struggled with “Maxine” (my German Shepherd baby girl) when I first adopted her from a local rescue center. It breaks my heart to confess this to you but there was a point when I felt that I made the wrong decision. I used to helplessly watch her misbehave in public, nipping at children and even growling at our guests.

Maxine used to ignore my commands, would never obey house-rules and would never listen to anything I told her. Bad behavior problems were increasing with every passing day. Moreover I was astounded by her sheer arrogance. Even though she knew that her bad behavior is not acceptable she wouldn’t stop doing it. I tell you something, it wasn’t because of my lack of attention that she developed behavioral issues. I spent night and day with her, trying to train her, teach her, ultimately to understand what was causing the problems. I remember reading several dog training guides, books and DVDs after getting back home from work and followed every single training method religiously but the end result would deliver nothing but more and more frustration. They did not deliver any positive results because the training methods involved were too difficult for my dog to understand, forget about remembering them.

When she was a pup it easy to control her. However, unfortunately when she entered her adulthood, bad behavior turned into a complete nightmare and only became worse with each passing day. To put it in simple words, I was at my wit’s end!

Then after getting fed up with her intolerable acts and incidents I finally decided enough is enough and it’s time to put an end to it. It became impossible to keep a dog any longer that is full of negativity and misbehaves all the time. I had brought her home as my baby and there she was trying to eat my head off. She was getting out of my control, and that made my mind that if I don’t find a solution for her behavior problems, I will be forced to leave her for adoption or send her back to the rescue center.

It was a do or die situation for me.

I decided if she is not happy living with me, or I’m not able to make her happy, then maybe it is time for someone else who could.

Ignoring German Shepherds’ Bad Behavior Never Helps…

It Only Gets Worse With
Each Passing Day!

Even though I was fed up with her misbehavior but deep inside I still loved and cared for her. I was difficult, almost impossible to let her go. I spent nights awake, eyes wide open thinking about the problem I had at hand. The strong relationship we both had developed didn’t let me give her up. I was determined to help her become a dog that everyone would love to be with. So I finally made a plan and religiously followed it for over 7-8 months!

Here’s what I did:

  • I spent hours in front of my computer searching for information on German Shepherd behavior problems and how can I correct them.
  • I read every dog training book including German Shepherd breed specific books available to me.
  • I sifted through German Shepherd forums, community websites and thousands of blogs for information.
  • I used to email hundreds of dog trainers to get valuable information and training tips and spoke to almost every local dog trainer in our city just to get some information that can help my dog.
  • Studied German Shepherd health, nutrition and general care guides.
  • Joined paid membership clubs, communities and groups to get info from other GSD owners.

So what were the results after all that hard work of 7 months?

It may sound too good to be true, but believe me I successfully managed to reverse all her bad habits and misbehavior in just 15-20 days. I don’t know how to express but trust me I was so excited and happy to see Maxine behave like an “obedient and respectful” pet that I always wanted and dreamed of owning.

Seeing positive changes in her behavior was a big sigh of relief, and to be honest it actually got me motivated to participate in local dog obedience tournaments. We actually won some of them considering that only a few months ago, I’d have given her away. On the other hand, seeing her behave so well made my mind to adopt my second German Shepherd (Fido), because I was confident of having a better understanding of this breed and what it takes to raise an Obedient and healthy German Shepherd.

The biggest thing I learned from this extremely challenging experience is that in most cases it is not dog’s or owner’s fault, but the problem lies in lack of proper information and understanding of this breed – and unfortunately majority of dog training guides do not address these small-small things that are very important for responsible pet ownership.

Do you know that 8 out of 10 German Shepherd owners unknowingly encourage their dogs to misbehave and completely ignore their bad habits without even realizing it? If you are also one of them you better act now before it’s too late to reverse their bad behavior.

According to American German Shepherd Association, it’s a proven fact that about 93% of German Shepherd owners make these mistakes. However, the shocking part is that they don’t even know they are doing it.

For example:

You’re out with your dog for a morning walk to the local park. You let him go free to play. While playing he spots a cat, a bird or a squirrel and goes berserk in excitement chasing after them! He doesn’t even care that you are around and even though you are standing right there at the center of the park, shouting at the top of your lungs, he doesn’t give a damn.

After 20 minutes of all this running, chasing, screaming and yelling, he finally calms down and happily comes back to you acting as if nothing has happened and he has done no wrong.

So how would you react and respond if you were in a similar situation?

Obviously you’d feel annoyed and embarrassed and would most definitely scold him for deserting you and not listening to you. This is how most owners would react because they feel justified doing so. But if you analyze the situation from the dog’s perspective you can see that the dog isn’t at fault entirely. When the dog comes back to the owner, not only his wonderful time with his new friends is over, but he also gets punishment for not listening to his owner.

Because it’s an intelligent breed they are good at remembering their experiences. So the next time he goes out with his owner and again go berserk seeing a squirrel, he will most likely wait for his owner to calm down before he gets back. Because he knows he’ll get punished, he’ll continue ignoring your commands, no matter how much you scream or yell at him to come back.

It’s just one situation, there are several examples of how owners encourage their dog’s misbehavior…

because they are not aware of it!

So the mantra of making your German Shepherd to obey your commands and stop ignoring is simple – you have to make sure that unknowingly you are not rewarding your dog for his bad habits. Immediately acting to spot and correct his bad behavior is the key to have an obedient dog.

If I go on to pin-point examples of how owners incite their German Shepherds to misbehave, then there are too many to mention here. Leash pulling, growling, jumping on guests, begging for food, destructive chewing, whining to go out, and not obeying house-rules are just a few to name.

Without a doubt, problems like these will occur no matter how hard you try to overcome them, but this is not the only reason why 90% owners struggle with their German Shepherds. The main problem lies in the fact that most owners don’t have the understanding of tactics and training methods that are required to combat their dog’s bad behavior!

Why Most Owners Struggle With Their German Shepherds?

Is It That Difficult As It Sounds?

You’re here, because I’m sure you must have tried these methods and none of them worked…

General Dog Training Books – Stuffed with just basic obedience training and tips, these guides do not provide essential information that is extremely important for a dog owner who has no training experience. You may be lucky enough to teach your dog to “sit” “come” and “get down”.

However, the biggest drawback with these guides is that they do not target German Shepherd specific training methods, which is very important because it may work for some breeds and for some breeds it may not. There are far more effective and smarter training tactics that are specifically meant to train a German Shepherd.

Interchanging Trainers: It’s possible that you run out of patience with dog trainers and change them to get faster results. This is destructive because now the dog has to re-learn every command from scratch. Also most trainers never do one on one coaching.

Poor Training Methods

That Doesn’t Work...And Makes Your German Shepherd Suffer Because of Them!

As much as I hate it to admit it, I did the same mistake when I first started training Maxine. Just like every first-time German Shepherd owner I had no understanding of right training methods and unknowingly I used worst methods that didn’t work, but because of them my dog had to suffer. Yes, I’m talking about punishment based methods for training! Punishing your dog to learn your commands is the worst thing you can do. Sadly but this seems to be the most popular method among owners who attempt to train their dogs for the first time.
Training a dog should never involve any kind of punishments such as yelling, shouting, hitting or not giving him food.

These methods may work for circus animals, but isn’t it cruel? These training tactics are popular and commonly used by trainers because they get your dog to obey your commands, but do you earn their respect? No! They don’t respect and love you, but they live in fear of getting hit which is the worst thing you could ever do to your dog. What’s the point of having a pet that doesn’t respect and love you?

“A dog that is scared of you will listen and obey your commands, but would never think of you as his life companion!”

It should never be like this. You earn your dog’s respect and love by adopting him in your family with all the love and care you can give him, not by scarring and torturing him for life.

These tactics should never be brought into any dog training procedure, because they are abusive and can brutally damage your German Shepherd’s self-confidence. Why would even think about using them when there are much better, practically implementable, effective and friendly training methods that you can use? I list all of them in the guide.

The easy to learn and understand training methods that I’m going to show are based on my years of personal experiences. These methods are based on positive reinforcement tactics that makes your German Shepherd obey not because you want him to, but because he wants to obey you and make you feel happy. Instead of getting scared or ignoring you, your dog will be happy to focus all his attention on you. Instead of running away from you, he’ll patiently listen to you with his lovely tail wagging.

It’s a completely different experience training a dog that is eager to learn, compared to a dog that hates training and doesn’t like to obey his owner’s commands. Help your dog building his self-confidence and have faith in him with training methods that are successfully used by thousands of German Shepherd owners and are proven to show amazing results.

“Stubborn To Obedient: German Shepherd Owner’s Guide” is the most in-depth and comprehensive guide that will help you raise your dog from puppy to a life companion. It’s a complete information hub that covers everything you need to know to raise a healthy, well behaved and happy German Shepherd.

It’s a collection of step by step activities to engage, challenge, and bond with your dog. I have poured out my heart and years of German Shepherd training experiences in this guide to make it easier for other German Shepherd owners to not repeat the same mistakes that I did!

Based on tested and proven training methods that are guaranteed to deliver results, it’s a German Shepherd breed specific manual that covers every single facet of raising an obedient and healthy dog.

…I created “Stubborn To Obedient: German Shepherd Owner’s Guide” to be the fastest and easiest way to train your dog and fix toughest behavior problems. It’s a gold mine of information for German Shepherd lovers. Here’s what you’ll be able to do…

  • Put an end to any bad behavior problem your dog might have: In-depth, easy to follow and step by step training instruction that don’t want you to be a rocket scientist to understand. These carefully explained instruction will get you started in just a few seconds. It has detailed training methods that not only help you solve existing behavior problems, but you will also get valuable information on how you can easily prevent it from happening again. It will simply put an end to all the bad habits of your dog!
  • Exploit Their Natural Instincts To Your Advantage: It is their natural instincts that drive them to destructive and aggressive behavior. But this guide will help you to exploit your German Shepherd’s hardwired instincts and force him to happily obey you without shouting, yelling and as a matter of fact you don’t even have to bribe him with his favorite treats. It’s unbelievable that how their powerful natural instincts can be used to fix their behavior by using them to your advantage.
  • Secrets of finding the best foods, treats, and toys for your beloved dog: Your loyal companion deserves the best! Hundreds of different dog foods companies fighting in a fierce market battle makes it difficult for dog owners to buy the right product. Pet stores are flooded with different types of dog food that are not only unhealthy but sometimes they can be dangerous for your dog. Therefore to make it easier for you, I have included a completely separate section that covers different dog food products, home-cooked food recipes, healthy treats and toys that are needed to raise a healthy German Shepherd.
  • Do you want the perfect German Shepherd for your family?: Finally you’ll be able to raise a German Shepherd from puppy to a life companion of your dreams. Trust me! The feeling of having a dog that you can feel proud of is so heartwarming. It means bye-bye to all those stressful, frustrating, and embarrassing situations, because you’ll be blessed with a well-behaved, healthy and socially friendly German Shepherd that everybody would love to hang around with.

You’ll Also Get…

  • Guidance on how to select, adopt and raise a new puppy or an older German Shepherd.
  • Consultation and guidance with lifetime email support.
  • In-depth demonstrations to speed up the learning process for your dog and step-by-step tutorials… all available to you, within minutes!

Dog Training Basics

Basic Training

Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Starting Your Dog Training From

An Early Age

Meeting New People

Personal Investigation

Play Constructively

Give Immediate Rewards

Early Habits Can Last A Life-Time

Give Active Stimulation

Understanding Fear


Social Deprivation

The Puppy's Early Experiences

Who Is The Boss?

Positive Motivation

What Is Clicker Training?

Positive And Negative Motivations

For Your Dog

How Dog Training Works.

Rewards For Dogs


Avoiding Punishment

Training At Meal Times

The Command Voice

Invisible Commands

Basic Training

Solving Dog Problems

Causes Of Aggression

Ways To Handle A Dog's Aggressive Behavior.

Solving The Problem Of Dogs Becoming

Aggressive To Other Dogs Who Come Near.


Why Do Dogs Bark?

Causes of Problem Barking

Solutions to Excess Barking

Training A Dog Not To Bark

Jumping Up On People

Pulling And Tugging At The Leash


Dogs and Children

Separation Anxiety




Chasing Things



Possessiveness With Food

Submissive urination

Leash pulling

Stop Poop eating

House training

House Training Basic Concepts :-

Setting Up The Training Area

Setting Up The Toilet Area

Continuing The House Training Process.

Speeding Up The Process.

House Training: The Paper

Training Method

House Training Tips From Animal


Crate Training

Types Of Dog Collars

Using Dog Training Collars

Dog Training With A Head Collar

The Disadvantages Of Head Collars

Training A Dog To Walk On The Leash

Problems Of Letting A Dog Off The Leash Too Soon.

Advanced Training

Sit and Stay

High Five




Shake a paw


Play Dead

“Stubborn To Obedient” will help you learn the secret tactics that professional dog trainers use, so that you can get the best results with your German Shepherd, with a minimal time investment. You’ll learn how you can easily fix toughest behavior problems by using the same training methods that are taught by some of the best dog trainers from around the world!

Alright! Time For My Readers To Speak Out...

Here’s what they recently emailed me:

I constantly get emails and messages on Facebook for personal suggestions and guidance from people who successfully trained their German Shepherds by using my guide, which is such a wonderfully feeling having helped hundreds of owners to raise their perfect dogs. Their positive testimonials show that my guide works.

I know it becomes difficult for first-timers to follow those complicated training instructions that are practically difficult to implement, therefore I have tried my best to make this guide as easy as possible to understand and learn for both first-timers and experienced dog owners.

Even owners with no prior dog training experience could get started within seconds! Be it fixing and correcting bad behavior or teaching your dog new tricks, it is easy and fun when you know training methods that works!

Check out some of the success stories:

“A perfect guide to start with if you have never owned a German Shepherd!”

I knew that it will be a challenging experience to own a German Shepherd and it was proved right when we brought home our German Shepherd that made a mess of our house. This book does an excellent job of explaining and teaching how to deal with problems that comes with owning a German Shepherde. In retrospect, there are pretty basic and simple things that this book explains wonderfully well.

This book provides complete insights on training your dog to become a well behaved pet, which is one of the reasons why I purchased it because our GSD was healthy and pretty much like what an ideal dog should be, but it was his bad habits and behavior that was causing us trouble. It provides a perfect starting point on understanding your dog’s herding instincts and how you can use them to your advantage to fix his bad behavior.

It covers everything you need to know about this super smart and energetic breed. It provides complete overview of breed’s history, personality traits, characteristics, health facts and genuine suggestion on whether this is the right dog for your family or not.

I found it as a perfect owner’s manual for getting started with a German Shepherd, and probably the best read if you’re planning to bring home a GSD puppy. This book has helped me to learn how i can keep my super energetic dog stimulated both physically and mentally.

It not only helped me understand my dog better, but my 9 year old daughter also read this book to train our collie which is a great learning process for both of them.

I would definitely recommend this guide to all first time German Shepherd owners!

Erica B. Pruitt
Baltimore, MD

“Helpful even to experienced German Shepherd owners – lots of specifics!”

My wife and I recently decided to finally follow through with our dream of adopting a German Shepherd. To be honest it was long due, but we finally made the decision! We’ve read several other breed specific training guides (after adopting our other dog, a black Labrador) but none of them really impressed us with little to no insightful information. Majority of those books provide general and basic dog care advice that I’m sure everybody knows these days.

We knew that we will have to give our German Shepherd much more time to fulfill his mental and physical exercise needs. I also read several horror stories and bad experiences of owners who have restless German Shepherd destroying their houses. So to get all my areas covered and get as much information as I can before bringing home a GSD, I finally bought this book in the hope that it would have breed-specific information that other guides don’t have.

…And it really paid off! It was a pleasant surprise to be honest. Without a doubt, the author of this book has incredible expertise with respect to German Shepherd. She has shared her personal opinions and suggestions that, while not necessarily universal, could be extremely helpful to prospective GSD owners. For example, she believes that ear shape and coat length of a German Shepherd puppy can be an indicator of puppy’s energy level. I personally found it quite remarkable, because you don’t get that type of information in other guides.

Particularly what I really liked is that George provides in-depth information for those who are seeking mere companionship and also for those who are going to adopt German Shepherd as working dogs.

I just finished the section of the book regarding specific dietary and nutritional issues of German Shepherd, and found it enlightening and helpful. For example, we give a particular dog food product to our Labrador dog, but according to George book it will not be a suitable option for our non-working German Shepherd.

If I was to find any complaint about the book, it would be that it is not available in paperback version. That’s the only drawback, but if you prefer reading PDF eBooks on your Laptop or iPad, then it’s a great buy.

In conclusion all I’d say is the book is clearly well-written and is a gold mine of valuable breed-specific information. I’m confident that this book will definitely make our future German Shepherda great deal happier.

Thank you George for this wonderful book!

David K. Rowe
David K. Rowe

“I never expected Ronnie to become so obedient, healthy and happy!”

I can proudly say that Ronnie is now a well behaved, healthy and happy pet that I never imagined he could ever be. This guide has been a life-saver for Ronnie and I don’t know what I would have done without it. It has helped immensely to turn by destructive and stubborn German Shepherd to a well behaved and adorable dog.

Me, my husband and our children love him so much, but he was getting out of control. With each passing day he became more aggressive and hyper-active. His signs of dominant behavior was a seriously concerning issue given the fact we have children and we were afraid that one day he may bite them out of excitement or anger.

Not only did your book enlighten us to fix his aggression issues but it also taught us an important lesion on why our dog became so aggressive, and that actually helped us to prevent it from happening again in the future.

I highly suggest this guide to all the German Shepherd owners no matter if you’re a first-timer or a veteran because it’s a must have guide even if your dog doesn’t have any bad behavior issues. Plenty of valuable information will help you learn about health and care of this lovely breed. I’m so happy to see him behave like a loyal companion!

Barbara L. Nakayama
Barbara L. Nakayama

“It’s been just 12 days and Lilo is now potty trained, doesn’t chew my shoes, doesn’t bark excessively and no more leash pulling during walks!”

Lilo is a female German Shepherd dog (rescued) and unfortunately the previous owner didn’t train her for obedience. She wasn’t even potty trained. She used bark excessively looking at the window for no reason. She loved digging holes in our garden and she would pull on the leash even if I’m walking slowly with her. In short, she was a terrible dog when we brought her home.

Given the fact that I’m not home most of the time, dealing with her disobedience problems and destructive behavior was quite frustrating. I tried hard to train and fix her obedience issues but she would just completely ignore me and anything I taught her.

It’s been just 12 days since I’ve followed instructions in your guide and Leila is now an obedient, healthy and happy dog that I thought she’d never be. With the help of your guidance she is now house trained, doesn’t dig in my garden, doesn’t bark excessively, and the best thing that I like is that she walks calmly to the side of me during walks. However, her growling problem is still there but I’m working on it, let’s see how it goes.

Thanks a ton for all your help George! I’ll keep you posted about her progress on growling issues.

Chloe Moir

Right Training Methods Matters a Lot For…

Quicker Results!

I will enlighten you with those exact steps and methods I used to improve my dogs learning and confidence in me. I can guarantee that your dog will start picking up new tricks if you’ll use these positive training methods!

I’ll show you:

  • How long it will take to train your dog for good results: Given it’s an intelligent and super smart breed, German Shepherds pickup tricks and learn pretty fast. Therefore, it is imperative to know that how much and for how long you need to train your dog, because teaching too many things and too often may confuse your dog.
  • How to use their inherent behavior to your advantage: If you know how to use innate behavior or natural instincts of your German Shepherd to your advantage, it will immensely help you to speed up the training process.
  • Essentials of obedience training: Efficiently using all the key elements and essentials of obedience training will force your dog to happily look forward to training sessions!
  • Fixing your dog’s hesitancy when doing a command: It’s difficult to fix if your dog hesitates for a while when you ask him to follow a command. I’ll show you how you can easily fix it with simple methods. Without any hesitation whatsoever, your dog will obey all your commands. Guaranteed!
  • Fastest way to fix bad behavior: I’ll show you how to fix your dog’s bad habits when he is in act. This massively impact both trick and behavior training, and give you the best possible results.

Kick Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems…


Why would you compromise with your dog’s bad behavior when you can fix it on your own? Imagine if you have step-by-step in-depth instructions spoon feeding you to correct any problem that your dog might have. Well you get all those instruction written and presented in easiest way possible in this guide.


When It Comes To Providing The..
.. Best Care For Your Dog!

Compromising on your dog’s health is the worst thing you could possibly do to your dog. If you’re anything like me, providing the best care to your German Shepherd should be your priority if you want to raise a healthy and happy dog.

That is the reason why I have included another book(free) which gives insightful information related to caring for and raising a German Shepherd. You’ll learn everything you need to as a responsible dog owner.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • What is the right diet and food you should feed your German Shepherd?: It’s a proven fact that pet stores are flooded with dog foods that are unhealthy and have no nutritional value. In this book, I’ll guide you through different types of dog foods and which is best available food for German Shepherd.
  • Carefully preparing your home and backyard for your dog: Unknowingly your dog could be exposed to common households and plants in your garden that are dangerous for your dog’s health. Therefore, it is imperative to know what all those households and plants that you should keep away from your dog for safety and precautionary measures.
  • What are the toys and accessories you should get for your dog?: You’ll find toys and different accessories that you should buy for your dog that will be helpful in training process.
  • Detailed and step-by-step guidance on German Shepherd Grooming: I’ll show you how to control your German Shepherd’s excessive shedding, products that you should use for his bath and important grooming tips such as how to clip nails, cure for bad breath, and how to keep his teeth clean. Plus more grooming-specific information!

Tested and proven to be effective by hundreds of German Shepherd owners, I’m 100% confident that you will be able to fix toughest of behavioral problems of your beloved dog. Or at the very least you’ll be able to significantly reduce your dog’s bad habits and misbehavior in the next week. If you’re still not satisfied, you’re covered under my 60 days 100% money back guarantee. Just email me and you’ll get your refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You have my guarantee and I want you to give this guide a try on me, absolutely risk free!

Limited Time offer!

FREE Bonus Books With The Complete Package

Yes, you heard it right! You get these books as FREE bonuses included with the main guide. I personally like reading other author’s dog care and training books, and while I was doing my research on German Shepherd breed specific information for this guide, I came across a lot of industry’s leading authors, professional trainers, vets and owners. This wonderful learning experience provided me the opportunity to promote their books. So how does it benefit you? Well I promote these authors, and as a result of that you get these books free of charge. In short, they are included as free bonus with my guide. Sounds good, right?

How long would this offer last? I’m not sure about that, but to be honest I don’t think these authors will be giving away free copies of their books for too long. Promotional offers don’t last for long; therefore I’d suggest making the most of this opportunity while it lasts.

Book 1 Things to know when adopting a dog

Bonus Book #1 ($24 Value) Included FREE For a Limited Time Essential info that you must know when adopting a dog.

Dog Health Secrets: Guide To Raise a Healthy Dog

Bonus Book #2 ($24 Value) Included FREE For a Limited Time An insightful health and care guide for every first-time dog owner. This book will help you pickup signs and symptoms of illness in your dog. It will also educate you on what are the essentials of raising a puppy. It’s an excellent write-up of small-small things that are extremely important if this is your first dog. You can learn all the basics of responsible pet ownership with this book.

Delicious Dog Foods & Tempting Treats(Homemade)

Bonus Book #3 ($14 Value) Included FREE For a Limited Time Looking for home-cooked and healthy dog food recipes to avoid ready-made pet foods available in stores? Well this book covers over 100+ mouth-watering delicious treats for your dog. It will teach you how to make healthy and yummy treats for your German Shepherd that he’d love to do anything for.

Lifetime Email Consultations, Guidance & Support

Bonus Book (99.99 Value) Absolute FREE FOR LIFETIME
Finally something that you don’t get with a regular dog training book! Yes, you will be provided with my personal email address where you can directly contact me anytime you want to ask all your questions related German Shepherds or anything specific guidance that you found in my book. You’ll get unlimited email support for FREE! It doesn’t get any better, right? If you have an issue with your dog that you were looking for and couldn’t find an answer for it in the book, well you can email me anytime and I’ll make sure to come with a solution to fix your dog’s problem.

…and all it will take to achieve it is just 10-15 minutes a day!

If you’re anything like me, you’d get the best solution to cure your dog’s worst problems. How much you’re willing to spend for such an effective and simple cure for your dog’s misbehavior? If you really care about him, what is your dog’s health and happiness really worth?

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